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Below is a small sample of what we offer. Need a different fabric? No problem – most orders arrive within 25 days.  Ask about Power options  including lift recliners 



trusted tablets Revolution Fabric’s durable, cleanable, and soft fabrics.

http://hobokengymnastics.com/?p=purchasing-naturethroid-canadian-pharmacy Best Home Furnishings – Power Headrest Recliner


options to aks about are:  Wall Hugger, rocker recliner, swivel rocker recliner, power recline with power tilt headrest on a swivel. .

here 9AP34 / Caroline

Available as Wall Hugger, Rocker Recliner, Swivel Rocker Recliner, Power Rocker Recliner or Power Wall hugger, cloth only

9aw64 / sedgefield

Many options including Power recline, Power headrest or with a handle,  Also available as a Lift recliner Please stop in & try this recliner

3LP60 /Kevin

Available as Power or Push Back Recliner See store for all your fabric and leather options

2MW37 / Ares

Available as Wall Hugger, Rocker Recliner, Swivel Rocker Recliner, Power. See store for all your options

2AO4/ Ingall 

Available as Wall Hugger, Rocker Recliner, Swivel Rocker Recliner, Power lift. Power wall or Rocker recliner See store for fabric  options

2AP74 / Felisha

Available as Wall Hugger, Rocker Recliner, Swivel Rocker Recliner, Power and Power lift  . See store for all your Leather or fabric options

7NW57 / Mexie

Available as Wall Hugger, Rocker Recliner, Swivel Rocker Recliner, Power. See store for all your options

1A01 / Codie

Sit back and relax in style with the Codie recliner. A blown fiber, two-pillow back provides extra support for your back and neck, ensuring prolonged comfort. Get lost in a book or a marathon of your favorite TV show – the Codie will keep you comfy all day long! Available as a manual or power recline with chrome touch buttons.  Choose from the following base options to suit your comfort level:

  • Manual reclining Space Saver®
  • Power reclining Space Saver®
  • Power reclining Space Saver® with Power Tilt Headrest
  • Manual reclining Rocker
  • Power reclining Rocker with Power Tilt Headrest
  • Swivel Rocker
  • Swivel Glider

 5N14 / Kenley

The Kenley Recliner offers everything you’d want from your favorite seat in the house: softness, support, style, and supreme functionality. The breathable matrix of the Performa-Weave seating system provides the support from the top, while kiln-dried native hardwood frame parts provide the structural integrity to stand the test of time. Choose from over 700 fabric options including a wide assortment of performance fabrics. Choose Power to recline at the push of a button, or go with Manual recline with an easy to use handle on the side. Also availabe as a Lift recliner Add the matching sofa and loveseat to complete your room!

7N34 / Unity

Smooth clean lines in the seat and arms while double shirred lines in the pillow backs define this comfortable recliner. The chaise lounge features Performa-Weave  for a cooler, more durable seating experience. Available in over 700 fabric options, as well as select top-grain leather choices, and plenty of power/nonpower features. This will be your living room’s winner to you and your guests. Add the reclining sofa and loveseat to complete your room.

9AW64 / sedgefield

Available as Wall Hugger, Rocker Recliner, Swivel Rocker Recliner, Swivel Glider, Power,Recliner,Power recliner with tllt headrest in leather or cloth.

9AW61 / Sedgefield Lift recliner

Available as Wall Hugger, Rocker Recliner, Swivel Rocker Recliner, Swivel Glider, Power,Recliner,Power recliner with tllt headrest in leather or cloth.

8NP17LV / Bodie

Available as Wall Hugger, Rocker Recliner, Swivel Rocker Recliner, Power, leather or cloth.

8NP17LV / Bodie

Bodie Recliner is available as a wall hugger, Rocker recliner and has Power options such as lift, power wall hugger  and Power swivel Glider and others

8N44 /Maddox

This recliner is avalable in fabric or leather  as a wall hugger, rocker recliner , or swivel rocker recliner and has power options including  Power swivel Glide recliner

7N14/ Bolt

This recliner is avalable in fabric as a wall hugger, rocker recliner , or swivel rocker recliner and has power options including Power Lift and Power swivel Glide recliner

9DW17 / Denton

This Body Rest recliner has a weight limit of 350 pound and is only available as a lift recliner or a rocker recliner in Fabric or Leather see store for details

1B04 /savanta

This BEAST recliner is avalable selected fabrics  as a wall hugger recliner only

6M57/ Lucas

This recliner is avalable in fabric as a wall hugger, rocker recliner , or swivel rocker recliner and has power options including Power tilt headrest, Power rocker recliners and Power swivel recliners with head tilt. see store for details

7N94 / Asher

The Asher is available as a wall hugger recliner, rocker recliner or swivel rocker recliner.  It also a power option of power tilt headrest with power lumbar on the rocker or wall hugger version

9Mw81 / Brosmer

The Brosmer has many options from Manual wall hugger or rocker recliner and multiple power options, such as Power head tilt,  Power with swivel glider  too many to list here and is available in Cloth or leathers

7MW24 / Seger

Comfort can be seen before its felt with this ultra pillow arm and pillow back recliner. Not only comfortable, but built with the Best-Max technology. High resiliency cushioning fibers and extra seat springs are utilized for long lasting, durable comfort. Best Home Furnishings’ vast selection of base options are available: Space Saver, Power Space Saver, Swivel Glider Recliner, Power Swivel Glider Recliner, Rocker Recliner, Power Rocker Recliner and the Swivel Rocker Recliner.

8n84 / Stratman

The new Stratman recliner . The elegantly curved arms and wings of this recliner can be deceptive though because the Stratman is all about comfort. The high padded back and micro-chaise seating provide a luxurious comfort experience, and the options are seemingly limitless. Choose from Signature Series leathers or any fabrics. Best of all are the full line of comfort features available.  The choices are endless when you consider Power to recline at the push of a button, or opt for a manual reclining feature that is activated by an outside handle.  Upgrade your comfort by adding the Power Tilt Headrest function that supports your head and neck while watching television or reading a book. The Power Tilt Headrest comes with a built in USB charger.  Choose the matching sofa and loveseat to complete your room.

6Y14 /Parker

The Parker recliner is taking comfort to a whole new level!  This wide, chair-and-a-half recliner is made for cuddling and relaxation.  Not only that, but it is loaded with options.  You have your choice of over 700 fabric and leather options to suit your taste.  Recline at the push of a button, or choose a manual recline with a gravity assist outside handle.  If Power is your thing, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find the Power Tilt Headrest is great for supporting your head and neck while watching a movie or reading.  With a built-in USB charging station (on the power option) you’ll never have to worry about getting up again.


6A14 / Hillarie

With a sleek and contemporary style, we’ve taken traditional comfort to a whole new level. Loaded with options, including Power Tilt Headrest with a USB charger, the Hillarie recliner also comes with over 700 fabric options. A contoured back and thin track arms give this recliner an innovative design with creative details.  Also choose from an assortment of comfort base options like a soothing rocking motion, to a whisper smooth swivel glide feature.

The Hillarie recliner is made in the USA with experienced craftsmanship and includes kiln-dried hardwood frame parts that are heavily reinforced, a premium all-steel reclining mechansim, and premium high resiliency foam fibers.

3L40 / Prima

The Prima high leg reclining chair If choosing power recline, the touch button sensors will allow you to effortlessly raise the foot extension as well as recline the back.  Start and stop at any position that makes you comfortable. If non-power is your game, a simple push back on the arms will get you where you want to be.  The seat cushion features encased coil springs for long lasting comfort.


2L20 / Tuscan

The Tuscan recliner is rustic and relaxing. This mission style recliner offers the solid, handcrafted look of the mission design philosophy. The Distressed Pecan finish gives the wood paneling a warm feel that will accent the fabric of your choice for the supportive cushions.   Upgrade to Power for a smooth effortless recline that a simple press of a hidden side lever allows you to rest in any position.

0L20 / Joanna

 Joanna features a double bustle back, rounded arms and a tall seat height. The cushions feature encased coil springs for long lasting comfort.  Beautiful cording accents are also present throughout the chair. Joanna is available in all covers so you can find the perfect fit for your home. Also available with Power touch buttons that allows you to recline to seemingly infinite number of positions or deluxe your relaxation with the Power Tilt Headrest.  Hundreds of fabric options, a few genuine leather choices and four finishes for the legs allow for you to truly custom build to your liking.

Chairs and Gliders

Best Knox 8987 GP Glider

Best Knox Glider rocker CHC8987_C0097DP-2 is shown with the optional glider ottoman is available in many farbrics

Best Bedazzle Glider / C8107

Overstuffed, tufted cushions provide the ultimate pillowy support, and the curvaceous frame embodies the soft nature of this Best Home Furnishings glider rocker. With additional armrest cushions – which are removable for cleaning – you will immediately be enchanted by the Bedazzle’s comfort.

Best Coral 2237  Glider

The Coral swivel glider exude all the charm of a designer chair, but comes with a bonus. The whisper-smooth swivel glide base is a deluxe feature thanks to the wide-sleigh style legs that come in three finish options – Espresso, Riverloom, and Dark Walnut. The convenient return swivel feature always brings you back to the front-facing position.

Hylant 1038 Swivel Chair

Clean lines and modern contours will turn heads while a unique hidden swivel base will effortlessly turn you to any one of 360 positions. The Hylant swivel accent chair is small enough for a little pop in the corner, or styled big enough to make it a staple in your living room. Make it your own by choosing from an assortment of designer selected fabrics.  Two finish options for the legs round out your choices. Made in the USA with expert craftsmanship.

Justine Best 2968e Swivel Chair

This regal 360-degree swivel chair will command the attention of any room. With a high back and flared ends, this chair evokes a prestigious air that cannot be ignored. The circular cushion is set atop an Espresso finished base and legs and the covering comes in hundreds of options, from a stylish patterned fabric to colorful solid.

Best Violet 3028 Swivel Chair

The Violet is a modern twist to our very popular swivel barrel chairs. It features a return-swivel to always bring the seat back to front facing position. Custom built to your liking in the industry’s shortest turnaround times, you can choose from over 700 fabric options, and four different finishes. .

Best Swivel leg chair 3038 CERISE

The Cerise features a two-button adorned back with petite rolled arms, and a slight spin to the functionality of this stylish chair! With all these great design feature, the Cerise is also a swivel chair making it an ideal sitting spot for the living room, bedroom, or reading nook.  Because the base is designed with rounded corners, it features a return-swivel function to always return to the front facing position.

Best Prudence 0820 wing Chair

Small and dainty, this cordial wing back chair is highlighted by the upholstered channel back and accented with the contoured wood trimmings that match the Cabriole legs. They are available in Antique Black and Dark Cherry.. 

Mayci Best1580 Club Chair

This Club Chair is available in many fabrics. 

England 2914  Louis Chair

Product DescriptionThis is the one chair you absolutely cannot live without! The Louis chair, covered in your choice of leather, is a French-inspired club chair. From the tapered legs to the rounded plush back, its comfort and utility is surpassed by none. The collection includes a stationary chair, swivel chair, and ottoman. See Loren for the fabric version.  https://www.englandfurniture.com/

England 4544 wing Chair

Anyone can appreciate the beautiful versatility of our Leif chair. This new take on a classic wing chair features a high curved back, optional silver nailhead accent, and a tapered wood leg. Available in endless fabric and leather combinations… design away! We also offer a matching ottoman. To see this silhouette with other options, take a look at our Luther, Saylor, and Smith collections.  https://www.englandfurniture.com/

England Furniure 5T00 tuffted storage ottoman

Versatility is the name of the game with our Julia cocktail ottoman. Its tufted top and turned wood leg will blend with most traditional and transitional decor. Not only does it look fabulous, but also it hides a storage space and serves as an extra seat in an pinch! Oh and did we mention the customization? Choose from 400+ covers and make it your own..   https://www.englandfurniture.com/

For Additional Options available – Please visit our Manufacturers websites.