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 Below is a small sample of what we offer. Stop in, select your recliner style,  choose Rocker, wall hugger, power option or swivel option and then choose your fabric. Many Display recliners can be sold right away. Prices vary with recliner style, fabric and options.   Since a webpage cannot show you true color or comfort of a recliner we will not sell from the web page



Revolution Fabric’s durable, cleanable, and soft fabrics.

Best Home Furnishings – Power Headrest Recliner


options to ask about are:  Wall Hugger, rocker recliner, swivel Glider,  some have power tilt headrest and don’t forget about a lift recliner  .

1AW34/ JoJo

JoJo is a petite seat recliner Many Options

Including leather.

1a71 /Covina

Available as

This small-scaled recliner is the generous amounts of pillow fiber cushioning in the back.  The squared off arms feature lightly padded arms to maintain the sleek look. 

Swivel Glider Recliner
Power Lift Recliner
Manual Recline


Power Recline
Rocker Recliner
Space Saver Recliner

9aw64 / sedgefield

Many options including Power recline, Power headrest or with a handle,  Also available as a Lift recliner Please stop in & try this recliner

1LP40 /Jonelle

The Jonelle Hi-Leg Recliner has traditional charm that can easily blend with existing décor or take center stage with elegant rolled arms, French seaming and tapered wood legs.  All perfectly scaled to fit almost any room. Enjoy long-lasting comfort and support with a luxurious pillowfiber back and coil-spring foam seat. Choose from more than 700 fabric options, 45 top-grain leathers and three leg finishes to make it your own. Recline at the touch of a button with the Power option or simply push back to recline with the manual version.

1AZ75 / Calli

The Calli Recliner is sleek, modern and perfectly sized to give any room an instant update. Stylish details extend from the knife edge welt on back and seat to the power buttons that allow you to recline to any position at the simplist push. 

2AO4/ Ingall 

Available as Wall Hugger, Rocker Recliner, Swivel Glider Recliner, Power wall or Rocker recliner See store for fabric  options

2AP74 / Felisha

Available as Wall Hugger, Rocker Recliner, Swivel Glider Recliner, Power and Power lift  . See store for all your Leather or fabric options

6nz77 / Oren

The Oren Recliner meets both comfort and style. Blown pillow fibers, a rollover back that is framed by thin wings and accented with two seam lines which lend to the baffle look. The Performa-Weave seat and chaise lounge provide a cooler and more durable seating experience than standard foam cushions. Blown pillow fiber arm pads sit on top of slightly flared arm posts.

1A01 / Codie

Sit back and relax in style with the Codie recliner. A blown fiber, two-pillow back provides extra support for your back and neck, ensuring prolonged comfort. Get lost in a book or a marathon of your favorite TV show – the Codie will keep you comfy all day long! Available as a manual or power recline with chrome touch buttons.  Choose from the following base options to suit your comfort level:

  • Manual reclining Space Saver®
  • Power reclining Space Saver®
  • Power reclining Space Saver® with Power Tilt Headrest
  • Manual reclining Rocker
  • Power reclining Rocker with Power Tilt Headrest
  • Swivel Glider

 5N14 / Kenley

The Kenley Recliner offers everything you’d want from your favorite seat in the house: softness, support, style, and supreme functionality. The breathable matrix of the Performa-Weave seating system provides the support from the top, while kiln-dried native hardwood frame parts provide the structural integrity to stand the test of time. Choose from over 700 fabric options including a wide assortment of performance fabrics. Choose Power to recline at the push of a button, or go with Manual recline with an easy to use handle on the side. Also availabe as a Lift recliner Add the matching sofa and loveseat to complete your room!

7N34 / Unity

Smooth clean lines in the seat and arms while double shirred lines in the pillow backs define this comfortable recliner. The chaise lounge features Performa-Weave  for a cooler, more durable seating experience. Available in over 700 fabric options, as well as select top-grain leather choices, and plenty of power/nonpower features. This will be your living room’s winner to you and your guests. Add the reclining sofa and loveseat to complete your room.

8MW87/ Brinley 2

Available as Wall Hugger, Rocker Recliner,    Swivel Glider, Power,Recliner,Power recliner with tllt headrest in leather or cloth.

9AW61 / Sedgefield Lift recliner

Available as Wall Hugger, Rocker Recliner, S Swivel Glider, Power,Recliner,Power recliner with tllt headrest in leather or cloth.

2NW67 / Balmore

Available as Wall Hugger, Rocker Recliner, Power, .

8NP17LV / Bodie

Bodie Recliner is available as a wall hugger, Rocker recliner and has Power options such as lift, power wall hugger  and Power swivel Glider and others

9mw57 /Romulus

This recliner is avalable in fabric or leather  as a wall hugger, rocker recliner , or swivel rocker recliner and has power options including  Power swivel Glide recliner

8n47/ Maddox

Options seem limitless. You can choose between a Space Saver®, Rocker, Swivel Glider, Power Swivel Glider, Power Rocker or Power Space Saver®

9DW17 / Denton

This Body Rest recliner has a weight limit of 350 pound and is only available as a lift recliner or a rocker recliner in Fabric or Leather see store for details

1B04 /savanta

This BEAST recliner is avalable selected fabrics  as a wall hugger recliner only

6M57/ Lucas

This recliner is avalable in fabric as a wall hugger, rocker recliner , or swivel glider recliner and has power options including Power tilt headrest, Power rocker recliners and Power swivel glider recliners with head tilt. see store for details

England Furniture 210 recliner

England’s Marybeth motion chair allows you to enjoy the comfort of a recliner without sacrificing a lot of space. This petite recliner features a bustle back accented with small wings, a tight seat, and rolled step arms to create a casual, comfortable appearance that works well with any decor. Recliner mechanism choices include: rocker recliner, minimum proximity recliner, swivel glider recliner, and power lift recliner.

9Mw81 / Brosmer

The Brosmer has many options from Manual wall hugger or rocker recliner and multiple power options, such as Power head tilt,  Power with swivel glider  too many to list here and is available in Cloth or leathers

7MW24 / Seger

Comfort can be seen before its felt with this ultra pillow arm and pillow back recliner. Not only comfortable, but built with the Best-Max technology. High resiliency cushioning fibers and extra seat springs are utilized for long lasting, durable comfort. Best Home Furnishings’ vast selection of base options are available: Space Saver, Power Space Saver, Swivel Glider Recliner, Power Swivel Glider Recliner, Rocker Recliner, Power Rocker Recliner  

9nz67 / Genet

Performa-Weave cushioning material is added to the chaise lounge for a cooler, more comfortable seating experience.The “cup-style” seat is an inviting feature.

6N34 /McGinnis

Slip away into a reprieve from the outside world with a warm and welcoming Best Home Furnishings recliner. It will make every guest feel right at home once they experience its genuine embrace. With over 700 fabric choices and seven recliner styles, the McGinnis can be customized to fit all of your needs. Don’t let its style hide the quality.  The dry-kilned hardwood frame parts and all-steel reclining mechanism are thoroughly reinforced to create a long lasting comfort. Avaukavke as a SWIVEL GLIDER RECLINER,  POWER ROCKER RECLINER,  POWER SPACE SAVER RECLINER,  POWER SWIVEL GLIDER RECLINER,  ROCKER RECLINER,   or a  SPACE SAVER RECLINER

6MP07 / Karen

Back cushions are generously filled with deluxe pillow fibers. A smooth seat and Performa-Weave chaise lounge are both accented by one seam line. Available with or without power – 

8w00-31 / Wright

Sit back and relax in our Wright push back recliner. Its split back and plush seat offer supreme comfort while its tall back, tapered leg, and key arm offer the style you want

2L20 / Tuscan

The Tuscan recliner is rustic and relaxing. This mission style recliner offers the solid, handcrafted look of the mission design philosophy. The Distressed Pecan finish gives the wood paneling a warm feel that will accent the fabric of your choice for the supportive cushions.   Upgrade to Power for a smooth effortless recline that a simple press of a hidden side lever allows you to rest in any position.

6200 / Collegedale

Our Collegedale collection will lend a retro feel to your living area. This silhouette is small enough to fit almost any family room, yet large enough to accommodate your guests. With its clean lines, matching welt, and high tapered legs, you will certainly enjoy its sophisticated profile.

Chairs and Gliders

England 3c00-69

Enhance the enjoyment of your living room with the Jakson club chair. With its swivel base and petite scale you’re sure to have a comfortable place to sit. This collection features a swivel chair, stationary chair, ottoman,

England’ / 6n00

Overstuffed, tufted cushions provide the ultimate pillowy support, and the curvaceous frame embodies the soft nature of this Best Home Furnishings glider rocker. With additional armrest cushions – which are removable for cleaning – you will immediately be enchanted by the Bedazzle’s comfort.

England Low back swivel glider #9950

The Camden chair is the perfect accent piece for any decor for both style and comfort reasons. Choose a contemporary fabric to create a fun look or a more traditional one to create a timeless classic. Either way, this casually styled chair which both swivels and glides 

England’s Monroe 1434 

The Monroe collection is the epitome of effortless, casual style and extreme comfort. Its transitional style is highlighted by its padded roll arm, exposed block leg, and comfortable seat. Available as a sectional, sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman, chair and a half, and ottoman and a half as well as twin, full, and queen sleeper.

Justine Best 2968e Swivel Chair

This regal 360-degree swivel chair will command the attention of any room. With a high back and flared ends, this chair evokes a prestigious air that cannot be ignored. The circular cushion is set atop an Espresso finished base and legs and the covering comes in hundreds of options, from a stylish patterned fabric to colorful solid.

Best 2948  Swivel Chair

It’s oldest fraternal twin, the Dysis, bred the idea of this beauty. The 360-degree swivel and smooth contoured back and seat make this chair more functional than stylish. This version has a wider seat opening. It is available in hundreds of fabric to make this chair truly yours.

England’s Eliza 630-98

If you are looking for a petite sofa with loads of charm, then Eliza might be just what you’re looking for. Its rolled panel arm, camel back, and curved front rail, give it a ton of style! We offer a matching loveseat, chair, rocking chair, and ottoman.

Best Skipper #2978  swivel Chair

 Bring your day full circle and take a rest in the Best Home Furnishings Skipper swivel chair. The circular base offers a funky, yet functional design that is sure to stand out (and do a full swivel turn) in any room. With over 700 fabric covering options, you can turn the Skipper into an even bolder statement piece or play up its shape with a more neutral hue.

England’s Rouse 4r00

You’ll love getting lost in the great depths of our Rouse collection. This generously scaled silhouette features a welted track arm, unattached back, and oversized throw pillows. Make it a true statement of your style when you select from our array of vast fabric options. This casual style offers unbelievable plush comfort, so go ahead and relax for a while! Available as a sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman, and countless sectional configurations.

England 3T00-07

 Transition this Chair and ahalf  to  a twin sleeper ,also available as a full, and queen sleepers to host your overnight guests in style.  https://www.englandfurniture.com/

England 2350-69 swivel Chair

England’s Alex swivel chair will soon become your favorite seat in the house. This oversized chair features a plush seat and loose pillow back. Cover it in your choice of over 400 fabrics and make it all yours!

England Furniure 4G00-81  storage ottoman

The true magic of the Walker ottoman is what you can’t see starting with its hidden casters for ease of movement. Not only that, but open the lid to a space of endless storage capabilities. The petite casual storage ottoman features a simple welted top accented with four decorative buttons. Its style will work well with a wide variety of decor… just cover it to match!  https://www.englandfurniture.com/

For Additional Options available – Please visit our Manufacturers websites.